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The Semi-Annual Post-Finals Bad Dream!

December 13, 2008 | 2 Minute Read

So whenever I finish finals, I always seem to have the same bad dream. It’s not a nightmare or anything. Just a dream that’s sort of got a bad scenario in it. I just finished my final stuff yesterday, so the semi-annual dream came right on time, last night!

It always involves some random class I signed up for at the beginning of the semester that I stop showing up to. Then I realize, maybe on the bus or something, that I totally forgot to do any work for it!!! This semester it was some made up class on something analysis. The reason I didn’t go is because the teacher was really bad. For some reason the teacher was Jay Boyden, a grad student assistant from when I was in marching band in undergrad. No idea why he was in that role because he’s actually a good teacher!

My series of dreams last night also involved some interesting sub-plots. One was that I was using my computer to show my brother something, then the browser was being really slow switching from Youtube to whatever other tab I had open. So I blamed this on the OS and remembered I had a copy of Vista! So I formatted the hard drive out of frustration and was going to find the Vista disc. But then I realized I had left the disc in Michigan, and for some reason I was in New Mexico for the dream (I wonder what my computer was doing in NM while my stuff was in MI). So I just had a formatted computer.

Then another sub-plot was sorta in the world of “I Am Legend” and sorta in the world of “Fallout 3.” There was a town I was trying to get to but a zombie town was in-between it! I think the zombies couldn’t get out at night. But it WAS at night. Luckily some motorcycle gang was there to shoot flamethrowers at the zombie town so I could pass. Before this happened, though, there was huge pomp and circumstance. Like the motorcycles all came in formation and stuff. Then the zombies were kind of trash talking the gang. They said something like, “you guys are done for when you eventually run out of gasoline!” Then the gang torched the zombies and I was on my way.

So yeah, I’m looking forward to my final semi-annual post-final bad dream some time in May when I graduate!