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  • May 20, 2023

    Voice Cloning For Fun and Profit

    Two legendary directors doing the weather report

    Note: This blog post is based on a YouTube video I made, which you can watch in the embed, but it also has some stuff that’s not in the video, so read the stuff I wrote below!

    I was recently stuck on a really long, 6 hour flight. Luckily, I had an internet connection the whole time, and I was testing out some nifty AR Glasses, so I watched a lot of YouTube.

    I remembered seeing a video about AI voice clone cover songs, where someone will take the voice of a known artist, and then make them sing a song by another artist (e.g. Kanye West singing “Call Me Maybe”), or they create a whole new original song for the artist (e.g. Drake singing an original called “Heart on My Sleeve”).

    Since I was stuck on the plane, and I had the privacy to watch whatever I wanted without my seatmates judging me for binging on a bunch of AI cover songs, I just fell deep into the rabbit hole of listening to a bunch of Kanye covers.

    The quality really varied. Some of the songs were unlistenable due to weird glitches in the voice. But some sounded pretty convincing. The good ones still didn’t really pass as real, but I think that with some post-processing and maybe an actual sound engineer on the case, they could be great.

    I was on a plane to Hawaii, and while I also had some fun doing Hawaii stuff, I also spent some of the time learning about voice cloning and trying to train some voice models myself.

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  • September 26, 2022

    Making a Trombone Champ Controller From a Trombone!

    It's everyone's favorite new trombone music rythm game!

    Note: this blog post is more or less adapted from a script I used to make my YouTube video on this subject. So if you want to watch the video, I’ve embedded it here! Or if you like reading more, then go ahead and read my post below! (I can’t stand the recent trend of making content that’s video-only so I refuse to not make a blog post out of this video!)

    I just got this new game called “Trombone Champ” which is like Guitar Hero but with a trombone. It’s honestly one of the most refreshing new games I’ve seen, not only because it’s fun and has a good sense of humor, but also because it sort of reinvigorates the music game genre. I love that part of the game is subtly recognizing that you can’t really sound good on a trombone, which is hilarious. I did find that the control scheme could be improved, since you’re expected to play with a mouse (and optionally keyboard keys). So I set out to turn my soprano trombone into a real video game controller for Trombone Champ!

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  • August 28, 2022

    Stable Diffusion: Generating Images From Words

    Ron Swanson as Ron Weasley!

    For the past few months or so, I’ve been noticing a lot of news stories about DALL·E 2, an AI image generator that uses GANs to create images from prompts. It was private for quite a while, and there were some similar, less powerful projects that were open. I played around with them a bit but I was waiting for a general release. I ended up getting into the DALL·E 2 beta a few weeks ago and last week I saw news that there was a new release of another project called Stable Diffusion, so I installed it on my MacBook. The results really blew me away!

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  • January 10, 2022

    I Created a Robot to Solve Wordle For Me

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’ve heard of this game online called Wordle. It’s been growing like crazy and the New York Times even wrote a profile on the creator. If you know me, you know I like automating things, so it should be no surprise that I decided to automate playing the game. Here’s a blog post on how I did it.

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  • May 02, 2021

    Cloning Zwift on iOS Part 5: SwiftUI and Combine

    I recently switched teams at Amazon to one that is using SwiftUI and Combine, so I finally have a good excuse to learn the two. I am somewhat familiar with Functional Reactive Programming from using RxSwift at Lyft, but I’ve only really dabbled a bit with SwiftUI.

    I decided to spend some time last weekend (and this weekend) rewriting most of my Zwift clone app to use SwiftUI and Combine, and here’s some of the stuff I learned along the way.

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