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Mega Man 9 on WiiWare. AWESOME

July 10, 2008 | 1 Minute Read

So I read that Mega Man 9 is coming out on WiiWare. Cool. But then I realized it was Mega Man 9 and not, say, Mega Man X or Mega Man Battle Network. It’s MEGA MAN! The old school one!

I remember getting Mega Man 1 (still have it) for the NES after getting 3. I think the second one is probably still the best, what with Wood Man, Heat Man and Bubble Man. Geez, Bubble Man was so awesome!

It’s amazing that Capcom is actually making a new Mega Man game with NES style graphics. I think the only reason this is possible is that digital distribution (Wii Shop channel, PS3 Store, Xbox Live) makes it extremely cheap to distribute. I imagine an 8-bit game costs less to develop than, say, Grand Theft Auto 4. So Capcom should be able to make its money back through nostalgic fans.

I, for one, will probably be getting it. Depending on my level of nostalgia vs. the price of the thing. I remember the NES Mega Man series kind of jumping the shark anyway, when they started running out of “Men” to use. Seriously, Pharaoh Man? CLOWN MAN!?

I hope the bosses are a bit more original and kickass this time around.