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The Come In/Go Away Welcome/Unwelcome Mat!

March 21, 2007 | 0 Minute Read


I saw this at BoingBoing. It’s a welcome mat that says “Come in” when you view it one way, and “Go away” when you rotate it 180 degrees.

I guess the idea is that when people are entering your house, they feel welcome, but then when they leave and look at the mat, it tells them to go away (which they’d probably be doing if they’re looking at it from that angle).

Or vice versa, the mat could act as some kind of barrier, with people seeing “Go away” as they’re about to enter, and “Come in” when they’re ready to leave. Theoretically, no one would enter or leave the house, which would create a state of home equilibrium, perhaps. Unless there are other entrances…

There’s also a doorhanger, in case you need to signal to people whether it is acceptable to enter a particular room.