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In March, Hung Joins The Jet Set

March 21, 2007 | 1 Minute Read

Or at least it seems like it. Earlier in the month, I rode on a bus with the UNM basketball band to Las Vegas. I guess that doesn’t count as “Jetting” but hey, I was traveling. Just last week, I flew with the basketball band to Hartford CT.

Tomorrow, I’m flying to California for a Google job interview, then flying from there to Michigan for the University of Michigan School of Information Visiting Days. Finally, on the 26th I fly back home.

That’s a lot of cities in one month, and a lot of frequent flier miles. Hopefully I can get something cool. Like a magazine subscription!

I’ve just finished printing all of the documents that I think I’ll need to find my way around (this is my first time flying alone). Plus I gotta take taxis and shuttles and all sorts of crap that I never thought about when traveling around with my family.

Hopefully everything will go without a hitch. Maybe I’ll even get to do one of those things where I give up my seat and make mad bank for it, flying out the day after! One can only hope.