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Threadless Spring Broke Sale – $10 T-Shirts!

March 05, 2007 | 1 Minute Read

So there’s another $10 t-shirt sale goin’ on at I had a lot of referral credits ($30 worth) so I picked up some tees. I was only gonna order one, but then they said I had to use all of my credit at once, so I ordered 3. Stupid Threadless!

Anyway, here’s what I ordered:


Pencil Forest

When I saw Pencil Forest debut a few weeks ago (or was it last week?) I thought it was pretty cool. But not $15 cool. Luckily, it’s $10 cool.

It sorta doesn’t make sense though. So the guy is cutting down the tress to make pencils? But why are the trees made of pencil shavings? Oh well, I guess it doesn’t really need to make sense.


Para Poppins

I’ve wanted Para Poppins for a while now, though I don’t think it’s ever been in stock during a $10, which is usually when I’ll buy shirts from threadless. It’s just the kind of weird, off-beat shirt that I find myself gravitated towards. I’m sure Mary Poppins will show those insurgents who’s boss!


Stone Jungle

Stone Jungle is a pretty cool looking shirt that has some city stuff on the top, and nature stuff on the bottom! How artsy fartsy! I got it because I was forced to get 3 shirts. I like the design, plus green is my favorite color, so yeah, there ya go.

In fact, I just noticed that all the shirts I ordered today have a shade of green in them… Weird.

The Threadless Spring Broke sale lasts until March 12, so get the shirts you want now! And vote for this shirt to be reprinted!!!