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College Saga – If College Were Like An RPG

January 07, 2007 | 1 Minute Read

College Saga.jpg

I stumbled upon this movie called College Saga while reading Kotaku. It’s a parody of RPGs in a college setting. The thing is split up into four parts that are about 10 minutes each, so it ends up being a 40 minute movie.

The great part about this movie is that it gets pretty much every gag right. Like the random NPCs just wandering back and forth, and the girl who says the same thing when you talk to her twice. Or the ludicrousness of some small object blocking your path, or how it seems normal to go into someone’s house (dorm room) and steal all of their stuff…

The movie makes heavy use of video game music and sound effects. It’s really sad because I could recognize where almost all of the music came from. You can watch College Saga in 10 minute bite size chunks, or just watch the whole thing right here:

This totally reminds me of my UNM RPG that I made for that video game class I took. I gotta post that online someday…