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Google Information Session

October 26, 2006 | 0 Minute Read


So some dudes from Google showed up on Wednesday at UNM to talk about Google. Apparently, it’s a pretty awesome place to work. Like they have all you can drink, and mini kitchens where you can order free food. They go on company ski trips and don’t even think twice about it! Oh, and it seems they’re really casual too.

I went ahead and gave them my resume. Maybe they’ll hire me. Apparently the hiring process takes about 6 months, though. To help pass the time, they gave me a pen, a pad, and a long sleeved red shirt that says “Google” on the front, and “I’m Feeling Lucky” on the back. It’s so nerdy and awesome!

Also, I’ve been looking for grad schools. I thought I had graduated from sending applications and getting letters of recommendation, but yeah, I’ll have to think about that stuff again. I was thinking that Stanford will be my primary school, and Harvard will be my backup. What do you think?