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New Threadless T-Shirts That Don’t Suck!

August 07, 2006 | 1 Minute Read

Recently, there’s been quite a dearth of good threadless shirts. Like, seriously, they’re all so pretentious and “cool.” Well, this week brings shirts that I might actually buy. If only there were a $10 sale…

Honk if you are about to run me over.

Honk.jpgSo this one’s just a textual tee. But it’s clever! And I like clever t-shirts! Oh, threadless, way to mock all of those people who misuse the “Honk if you’re X” snowclone.

Though it would be ironic if I wore this shirt and was actually run over, I think the odds of that happening are fairly slim. Since it’s only text, this shirt is $12 instead of $15. Does that mean it’ll be $7 during a $10 sale? Hmmm…


Adultery.jpg Aww, threadless can even make a serious issue like adultery seem like cute fun. Question: Is the hot dog currently with the mustard, and thinking of cheating with the ketchup? Or is the hot dog cheating on the ketchup with mustard, and regretting the decision?

Ambition Killed The Cat

Ambition.jpg While it’s sad to learn that the cat perishes in this shirt, it’s still pretty damn cute. This is a reprint, so I guess tons of people bought it and wanted more. Good job for bringing it back! Now go vote for this shirt to be reprinted! Do it!

Yep, so a few good shirts from this week. Not that they’re good enough for me to buy for full price. If there was a $10 sale on these, I’d be all over em, though.