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Dual Monitors increase productivity by 20-30%, Cost by 100%

April 20, 2006 | 1 Minute Read


So I read this article by the New York Times about how having a dual monitor setup can supposedly increase your output by 20-30%. I’m actually convinced that it could be true. Most of the windows on my desktop take about 100-80% of the real estate on my screen. Whenever I switch applications, I have to go find which one I want in the tray on the bottom (with the number of apps I use at once, alt-tab is a bad idea). Sometimes I have to go through 10 or more windows to find what I’m looking for!

With two monitors, I could have a web browser one (for example), and a work one. Because, yes, web browser != work. Or I should say, web browser = !work. While it would be nice to have a dual monitor setup, it would also cost twice as much. And I bet movies wouldn’t look too good with the gap in the middle. Maybe I’ll just splurge on a giant widescreen monitor from Dell…