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New Super Mario Bros. Website Up!

April 25, 2006 | 0 Minute Read

new super mario bros.jpg

So the New Super Mario Bros. Website is up! They haven’t got that much content, but they do have some wallpapers and a video. The video shows some of the new powerups in the game. Looks like there’ll be a super giant mushroom that makes Mario kick all kinds of ass, and a mushroom that shrinks Mario so he can jump off walls and walk on water. Pretty sweet!

I seriously think they need to bring back some of the old powerups. Doesn’t anyone else miss the tanooki Mario? Or frogman Mario? Or Hammer brother Mario!? Or the giant boot!? Seriously, those were the coolest powerups ever! [/end Nintendo fanboy rant].

The New Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo DS comes out on May 15th. I’d suggest pre-ordering it, because, seriously, it’s gonna sell out!