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Of DDR and Thievery

February 22, 2006 | 2 Minute Read

I had a very strange (and unusually memorable) dream last night. Then again, maybe all of my dreams are strange, but I just can’t remember them.

It started off with me and my friend Patrick playing Dance Dance Revolution. I was getting AAs and he was doing pretty badly. Then my friend Tim came over and told the two of us that he could get AAA on any song we were trying. What a bluff! I was curious as to see how Tim could be a DDR maniac, so we decided to drive to the mall (because I guess my home DDR wasn’t good enough?).

Tim and Patrick drive away, and I’m still getting into my car (I dunno why we didn’t carpool). I remember that my cell phone is in my parents’ car, but I’m like, “I don’t need that!” I try to follow them but they’re gone. Somehow, I get lost on the way to the mall, and curse myself for not bringing my cell phone to call them. This is strange, because the mall is only like, a few blocks away from my house.

Somehow me and Patrick end up in a school, and he wants to look around. It happens to be some voting day, and there’s a bunch of senior citizens in a room sitting in desks writing up their ballots. Then whoever’s in charge of the election starts kicking the old people out and ripping up their ballots because they’re taking too long to vote. I’m mad, and start yelling about how that’s illegal, and they should let the old people vote.

Suddenly, one of the old people steals something out of my messenger bag (like my PDA or something) and I chase her! It’s one of those slow-motion dream chases. She’s really fast! She gets into her car and I can’t catch her! Later the police nab her, and I demand the death penalty, or at least the right to smack her down.

I dunno if she ever got what was coming to her, but I was pissed. I don’t think I’d wish capital punishment on the elderly in real life, though. I guess it was just the frustration of running really slowly in the dream, and losing to an old lady in a race.

Weird, huh?