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Word of the Day: titivate

February 20, 2006 | 0 Minute Read

I really love it when they do potentially naughty sounding words for the Word of the Day. Today’s word of the day is:

titivate: to smarten up; to spruce.

One of the examples they use is:

In The Idle Class, when Chaplin is titivating in a hotel room, the cloth on his dressing table rides up and down, caught in the same furious gusts.

— Peter Conrad, Modern Times, Modern Places

Hmmm. Titivating in the hotel room huh? When there’s free HBO and Cinemax, I guess that’s just natural.

I’ll have to use titivate in my everyday vocabulary now to send improper messages to people. Other fun words that I like to use are: “exacerbate,” and “titular.” Go look ‘em up!

I’ll be around. Titivating in my bathroom, exacerbating in my room (knock before you come in!) and watching a titular actress in a movie.