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Toby Dawson – My Olympic Doppleganger?

February 18, 2006 | 0 Minute Read

My sister and her husband came back from a trip to Florida today. While there, they watched a lot of the Olympics on TV. They found this guy that apparently looks like me. His name is Toby Dawson, and he won the Bronze medal in Men’s Moguls.


That’s him on the left (with the Olympic medal, duh) and me on the right. I don’t really think that he looks that much like me. A less handsome (and delusional) me? Perhaps. So far in my family, my sister, her husband, and my mom think we look alike. My brother doesn’t think I look like him.

So I leave it to you, the reader to decide. Here’s my first ever poll: Does Toby Dawson look like me? Answer the binary yes or no. If you do vote, be sure and comment on why you voted for that choice. Results will be up… well, instantaneously.