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Voice Recognition Craziness

December 09, 2002 | 1 Minute Read


I’m using a voice recognition program right now . This means that whenever I say is converted to text . It is working pretty good . The last time I had one of these it was really war will . I’m it’s horrible . It was horrible . but they may this is a working so well . Anyway I will relate to you the story . The story not the story a story not the story . my sister started a fire . She started with while while =oil . What happened after the change our lives drastically . You see, the fire grew out of control , then Giovanni but the pan into the sink . But there was water in the same , therefore the fire grew out of control. I said that already . Anyway, there was fire smoke and a lot of other bad stuff . I was afraid . But then we got the fire extinguisher in Haiti grand old time . That was , we had a grand old time . Let this be a lesson to UK’s , UK’s=you keeps . You keeps=UK’s . UK’s=you with kids minus with . Man this program states states equal stakes again and stop now because this really sucks goodbye of the one of the one being everyone until later ,

Hung Truong30