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Teeth Pulling

December 05, 2002 | 1 Minute Read

Ok people,

I was having this very nice dream this morning, and then it was totally destroyed! I shall explain to you how it was destroyed, for I do not want you to befall the same fate as myself. At some point in my dream, I decided it would be a good idea to try and test my tooth’s durability, by getting some pliers and yanking on it. Lo and behold, my tooth came out, rather quickly. This undermined my entire good dream, because then I was left trying to compensate for my newly acquired speech impediment. Looking in the mirror (the dream mirror), I found that my grin took on a rather pathetic visage. After a while, I figured I would try and reinsert the tooth, so I grabbed the tooth, which was now about 4 times larger than it was before, and quite filthy, and started jamming it into the socket. Of course, this didn’t hurt, it was a dream. After I somewhat successfully re-inserted the tooth, it was still a bit wobbly. This is when I woke up, and had to actually check to see if my tooth was really there or not. Let this be a lesson to you, kids. If you’re having a nice dream, please, do not try and remove one of your teeth, it’ll totally weird you out.