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Google Glass Megapost (+ win an invite!)

December 06, 2013 | 4 Minute Read

Here’s a giant post of stuff I’ve been doing with Google Glass! I made a survey, wrote an app and am running a contest, so that’s all bundled into this blog post.


I got a Google Glass invite after signing up at Google’s official waitlist. After deciding I would go ahead and get one, I was paralyzed by the choice of which color to order. I made a survey that asked participants to rank the five colors in order of awesomeness. The results surprised me. I was leaning towards white (cotton) and sky blue, but everyone seemed to really like tangerine (orange).

glass survey
Tangerine wins by a landslide!

I was going to go against the popular vote and get the white one, but both the white and black ones were out of stock at the time, so I went for the fan favorite. I ended up getting the Tangerine device the day after I ordered it (next day shipping FTW).


My intention with getting the Google Glass is to try it out and see if I can make anything really cool with the additional sensors and the fact that the device is worn on a person’s head. I was really struggling with what to start working on, and then it hit me: a fart app. I was actually working on a Dragonball Z Scouter app, but that was going to be too complicated. I found that you can insert your own “Okay Glass” prompts to start an app, so I figured I’d make a hello world fart app.

The history of fart apps on advanced mobile operating systems is a long one, so I won’t go over all that. Suffice it to say I am proud to have written the first (as far as I know) native fart app for Google Glass. Here’s a video of me demonstrating it:

Having played around with the GDK a bit, and the device a bit more, I am still not sure if I will keep it. The $1500 price tag is one factor. The public acceptance of the device is another. My opinions on my previous Glass post still hold. If anything, the opportunity is definitely worth the $1500 “loan” to Google plus return shipping.


Before I even got my first Google Glass invite, I went to a GDG Android meeting in Ann Arbor. The organizer had some spare Glass invites, so I asked for one. I hadn’t heard back about the invite, but after ordering my Glass from my original invites, I got another one from the GDG group’s pool. I figured I’d give it away, and to drum up interest in the fart app, I’m going to make a tweet and ask users to retweet it for a chance to win.

Here’s some rules:

  • Enter the contest by retweeting this tweet.
  • You can only enter once per Twitter account.
  • Don’t make multiple Twitter accounts to enter or you’ll be disqualified.
  • The contest is for the invite code. You still have to buy the Glass yourself.
  • The contest will end on Sunday, Dec 8th at 11:59PM ET.
  • The contest winner will be chosen by random and will get a DM with the code (you should also follow me to make sure I can DM you).
  • The invite code expires some time on Dec 10th, so you’ll have a couple of days to order it.
  • I’m not liable for anything. Like if you’re mad about getting an invite and want to sue me or something.
  • If no one enters I’ll probably just tweet out the code and the first person to use it gets it!

Here are Google’s rule for eligibility:

  • be U.S. residents
  • be 18 years or older
  • purchase Glass
  • provide a U.S. shipping address OR pick up their Glass at one of our locations in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles