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Instapaper Friendly – WordPress Plugin

February 03, 2011 | 1 Minute Read

While I was testing Instascriber , I noticed that the way that Instapaper was grabbing the content of my blog was a little off. The Instapaper for Publishers page describes how you can give Instapaper a hint on what your actual content is. I looked for a WordPress plugin that does this but didn’t see anything, so I figured I’d do it myself.

Up to this point I had never made a WordPress plugin, so I had go figure that out first. It’s relatively simple and there’s a lot of good documentation out there. I just needed to hook into the “the_content” API hook and alter the content so it had a div surrounding it. The scary part is mostly that WordPress seems to give you a hella lot of control. So you could seriously eff things up with a simple plugin.

With this being my first plugin, I’m not completely sure it’s been written the right way (kinda like when you make an edit on Wikipedia for the first time). Nevertheless, I’m making the plugin available. So let me know if there’s something glaringly wrong with it. It’s fairly simple, so I’m not sure exactly what could go wrong.

I made a special page for the plugin to live at, so get it at Instascriber Friendly – WordPress Plugin. You can also download it through the internal WordPress plugin search (look for ‘instapaper friendly’).