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Letterpress Business Cards!

November 12, 2010 | 1 Minute Read

I’ve been busy printing random stuff on my letterpress. I got some color ink and an old wood ‘H’ block. Oh, and I also ordered some blank business cards, so I decided to print myself a few.

I printed each card twice. First I printed the green ‘H’ and after that I set the type for the name, phone, email etc. I ran into a few issues with the width of the card at first. Since I wanted to have a vertical card, I only had so much space for the info. The type that I have doesn’t have the ‘@’ symbol, and “Hung AT” wouldn’t fit on one line. So I just ended up putting it on two lines, which is nice because then the other line is just my website address.

I like the grainy look of the block ‘H’. Each one looks a little different, and at one point I mixed in some more blue to make it a darker green. It’s nice that the card itself is a slightly unique print.

If I could redo this card, I’d probably try to pick a smaller font for the info. And I’d also choose different sizes for my name versus the other stuff. I’m sort of limited in the type that I currently own (4 trays). If I end up making more cards, I might just buy a base so that I can make my own photopolymer plates. That’d be cool because I could also make my own designs for cards/coasters etc too.