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A Chat With Hung Truong

April 23, 2010 | 1 Minute Read

I use Olark (formerly on my portfolio site. It’s a widget thing that lets you chat with your visitors. My friend Ben invented it, so check it out.

Anyway, some guy just started chatting with me on it. He was also named Hung Truong. Here’s the strangeness that ensued:

webuser5.1128: yo

me: hi

webuser5.1128: sup man

me: not much bro

webuser5.1128: where u from?

me: uh, you’re on my portfolio

webuser5.1128: my name is hung truong 🙂

me: what

me too

webuser5.1128: like seriously though

i search my name in google

and this website came out

me: yeah, cool

do you have a website?

webuser5.1128: nope, but nice webste man

me: thanks

there’s also some hung truongs in the news

webuser5.1128: wow

me: like one who killed a police officer or something

that’s not me

that’s not you either, right?

webuser5.1128: hahaha


me: ok good

webuser5.1128: lol

me: just checking to make sure

webuser5.1128: i was born in vietnam

are you by any chance vietnamese


me: my name’s vietnamese but i’m actually chinese

my parents lived in vietnam

but i was born in the US

webuser5.1128: cool

i g2g man nice talking to u dawg

me: yeah you too


webuser5.1128: peace out

[System] (visitor closed chat)