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3 (Bad) Dream Combo!

January 19, 2009 | 2 Minute Read

So last night I had three dreams. They were all kinda bad. I think they went from worst to least worst, which is good, I suppose.

The first one was pretty simple. I was dreaming that I was half-asleep. Maybe I really was half-asleep and just hallucinating. I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, I dreamed that I was sleeping in my parent’s bed. In-between both of them. Kinda funny huh? That’s not what made it bad. I also dreamed there was something flying around the room. It was kind of hard to tell what, but I sensed it was leathery. Like, say, a bat.

Then, as I realized the flying object really was a bat, it decided to fly onto my neck and bite it! You know how in dreams you sort of do things in slow-motion? So sometimes you know something is inevitable, but you still try to stop it anyway? This was how the bite felt. As the bat bit me (I swear I felt pain), I woke up like in the movies where someone wakes up from a bad dream. I literally checked my neck to see if a bat was biting me. And to see if my parents were in my bed. Luckily neither of these things happened.

I went back to sleep. Then I had another dream. This time, I was watching TV, waiting to leave to the airport. As I was watching some sitcom (unfortunately I can’t remember which), my dad told me, “hey, aren’t you late for your flight?” I didn’t realize that it was 3:15 AM, and my flight left at 3:30 AM! I hurried to the airport, picked up my ticket (which looked like a receipt) from a drive-up booth (apparently this was faster) and went into the airport. Somehow, I went a special way that I didn’t have to go through security! I sorta pretended to get into line from the end, just to make sure no one accused me of jumping the security. Then I think my flight must’ve left, because I was just sitting in the airport.

I noticed that someone left a bag lying around. I thought it might be a bomb! But it turns out it was just a bunch of metal tools that the guy wasn’t allowed to take, I guess. Now that I think of it, I wonder why they would’ve been allowed into the “sterile” area. Anyway, I took the tools and for some reason there was some kind of pawn shop in the airport. I sold the tools for $8 and some change! I think it might’ve been $8.11. I’m not sure.

The third dream I had was where I was in some kind of RPG video game. I was semi-in the game and semi-playing the game. At one point I stepped outside of a dungeon, then went back inside. Then I fought a battle in which I lost. AND I REALIZED I DIDN’T SAVE THE GAME! But then apparently I had saved it when I stepped out of the dungeon. So I guess this wasn’t actually a bad dream, just a potentially bad situation that never happened…