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Bat Attack!

July 18, 2008 | 0 Minute Read

Less than 4 hours after writing about The Dark Knight, revenge struck in the form of a bat flying around in my apartment. I’m not sure if this bat was sent as punishment for me not going to see Dark Knight again or what, but it freaked me out! It flew around the living room for a while, terrorizing me, then went to other parts of the apartment. Then it kinda crawled around on the ground for a while. I think it was trying to hide or look for high ground to start flying again.

Then I hatched an ingenious plan to open a window and have the bat fly out of it! It worked!

I really have no idea how the bat got in, since the only windows open were the ones with screens. Maybe the bat squeezed through one? Or maybe it was a lame assassination attempt? We may never know the truth!