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(In)Famous Hung Truongs Who Aren’t Me

June 30, 2008 | 1 Minute Read

My friend Patrick sent me a link in an email about a news story. Sweet! I love seeing news about me! But this Hung Truong was definitely not me:

The suspect, Hung Truong, 24, appeared in court Monday morning on a manslaughter charge. His bond was set at $50,000. Investigators said that the charge could be upgraded to intoxication manslaughter depending on the outcome of toxicology tests. Officers at the accident scene Sunday said Truong was nonchalant and at times laughing as if he were impaired by drugs or alcohol, or had a severe mental deficiency.

C’mon, other Hung Truong! You’re giving Hung Truongs like me a bad name! Also, I happen to be 25 now, so there shouldn’t be any confusion as to which Hung Truong is the “bad” one!

Perusing Google News, I also dug up this recent story about a Canadian Hung Truong:

Hung Truong, 39, of Markham, faces charges of arson endangering life and production of a controlled substance.

Seriously now! Aren’t there any other good Hung Truongs (besides me, of course) around to spread the good name(s) of Hung Truong!? I got us that WSJ article, but how much more can one Hung Truong do!?

Also, this sorta reminds me of a time way back, when a Google search for Hung Truong brought up this news article:

Last week, women from 13 different rooms told police a stranger entered their rooms while they were asleep early Sunday morning. Six women said the man climbed on them, pulled off their clothes or fondled them.

Man, I’m glad I upped my Google PageRank!

Anyway, for anyone checking out my blog (like, for a job or something) and wondering, “is this the Hung Truong who was arrested for X?” No. I’m the good Hung Truong! Or perhaps I doth protest too much?

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