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This Week in Hung Truong: 5-25-08

May 25, 2008 | 1 Minute Read

So quite a lot has happened this week. So much, in fact, that I haven’t really had much time to do things like write about what I’ve been doing in my blog. So here’s a bulleted list of things I did this past week. Perhaps I’ll write posts about them too, if I find some time:

  • Bought a PS3 and Grand Theft Auto 4.
  • Started a new company with some friends (part of my internship). This should probably require a whole new post or something.
  • Watched Snakes on a Plane.
  • Got Wii Fit.
  • Started moving some of my websites to a new server. Currently trying to figure out how to run rails using Mongrel.
  • Currently fighting off an ant infestation.
  • Etc.

So, yeah. If I have time maybe I’ll write some more about these things. Anyone have a preference to what they want to read about?

EDIT: I also just realized that I also:

  • Am growing a beard.
  • Did some taste experiments on a Faygo flavor known as “Rock & Rye.”

There’s probably even more.