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Nacho Libre: Movie Review

May 13, 2008 | 1 Minute Read

I borrowed and watched the Jack Black movie from a few years ago, Nacho Libre, last night. I’m not a huge fan of Jack Black but I guess I do find him generally funny. I figured this movie would be pretty good since the Napoleon Dynamite guy directed it and Jack Black stars in it.

I have to agree with Ebert. The movie just isn’t that great. Or rather, it doesn’t reach the potential that it obviously has. There are so many untied loose ends that at the end of the movie, I was really sure there had to be more.

What about the skinny guy’s relationship with the fat woman? What about the skinny guy’s love of science, and not God? Wasn’t Nacho supposed to convert him or something? And wasn’t Nacho going to get married to the hot nun (who I thought was Penelope Cruz through the entire movie but is apparently a different actress)?

None of the characters were really fleshed out that well. The hot nun was just sort of a token hot nun who just looked confused for most of the movie. The skinny dude sort of became a companion to Nacho, but his character really didn’t go anywhere either.

I think part of the problem is that you lose a lot of Jack Black’s funniness when he has to use a fake Mexican accent. Instead of talking like Jack Black, he just does a lame impression of a Mexican dude. It’s like they put really heavy ankle weights on Jack Black’s comedy ankles and they never took them off! Except maybe for the scene where he sang. That was pretty funny.

Also, the movie was a “Nickelodeon” production, which explained the lack of cruder humor and the abundance of fart noises.