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Observation: Bus Driver Camaraderie

April 29, 2008 | 1 Minute Read

One thing I’ve noticed during my bus-riding career is that bus drivers have a really strong sense of camaraderie. Like, if a bus passes another bus, the bus driver might honk or wave at the other driver. During my days at UNM, this was pretty common since the busses took a circular route, and so it would make sense for a bus driver to say hi versus ignoring his/her co-worker. It was even pretty common for drivers to open up their windows, stop the bus, and start a little chat. This was kind of annoying since I was usually late for class.

I think the camaraderie doesn’t end by just affiliating with the same university. I was riding the blue Michigan bus to work the other day and I noticed a cross-bus encounter! The school bus driver was talking to the city bus driver across busses! So this must be a really strong link between bus drivers of all types, regardless of employer or bus model.

Is there some kind of strange connection being made between these bus drivers? Is bus driving school a really uniting experience, like boot camp? Do bus drivers stick together and maybe have bus driving school reunions? Is there a bus driver’s guild!?

If anyone can shed light on this phenomenon I would greatly appreciate it.

P.S. I spell the plural of bus “busses.” Technically, it’s correct. It’s like the British version or something.