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An Uninvited Dream

October 25, 2007 | 1 Minute Read


So, about two nights ago I had a pair of unsettling dreams. They weren’t nightmares, but I guess they were scary enough to make me wake up. Well, one of them.

First, some background. There’s this old NES game called Uninvited that was ported from a mac game (I totally didn’t know this until I just looked it up). It’s a pretty simple point and click game where you’ve happened upon a strange mansion and spooky things pop up everywhere. It’s actually kind of scary, especially the part where the ghost that looks like Scarlet o’ Hara rips you to shreds if you talk to her.

My dream was that I was sort of in this world. I dunno if I was playing the game, or actually in it. The point and click interface was there, regardless. I was walking around the house, and I knew that there was some kind of monster on top of the stairs. The plan would be that I’d go up the stairs, see the monster, run down and then spray it with some sleep spray or something. But the first time I just used the spray without going up the stairs and I think it killed me.

So the second time (I guess I was playing the game), I went up the stairs and I don’t really remember what happened next. I remember the whole experience of playing Uninvited to be quite freaky, so this translated into the dream as well. At the time the game did have a pretty strong effect on my mental state. While it wasn’t a full blown nightmare, it did wake me up and I had to assure myself I wasn’t being eaten by a ghost or something.

Oh, and the other dream I had the same night was that the old Lobos runningback, Dontrell Moore, had some kind of genetic disease and was going to die. I have no idea why I dreamed about that…