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Go Bluegle!

September 16, 2007 | 2 Minute Read

So before the Michigan/Notre Dame game yesterday, I went to some “Google Tailgate” thingy. Basically, some tents were set up for people to enter and be brainwashed into the cult of Google. Or something like that.

We actually arrived pretty late, but there were still free things to be acquired. Like a girl was walking around asking Google/Ann Arbor questions, and if you got it right, you’d get a maize Google shirt! I have to say, this shirt is freaking awesome. It’s wearable to game days plus it has the Google logo on it!

The questions ranged from easy to difficult. I was with two other friends, and the Googlers allowed us to combine our powers to summon Captain Planet (or at least to answer questions).

The first one was “What is Google’s motto?” In a mental lapse unbecoming of me, I said “Do no evil” when it’s really “Don’t be evil.” Oh well, they gave me the shirt anyway (It’d be kind of ironic for them not to, what with the motto saying not to be evil and all).

The second one was “What unusual thing does Borders (in Ann Arbor) and Google allow in their buildings?” The girl gave us a hint that it wasn’t something like “books.” Since when are books unusual? I said it was probably dogs, since Google lets employees take their dogs to work. I didn’t know Borders did though. And indeed, we got shirt #2.

The last question was “Who is Google’s CEO?” Who knows this crap? Well, I do, and my friend did, but we’re nerds. So we went 3/3. Thanks, Eric Schmidt!

There was also a bowl ‘o pens that I ransacked (I already have a green pen from my interview, but I decided to add a blue one to my collection) and some free ice cream.

One last observation: It’s pretty obvious that the Google office in Ann Arbor is an adwords office. I say this because all of the employees I saw are beautiful, beautiful people. Whereas the Googleplex has some smokin’ HR people and, well, engineering people. Note that I am not beyond calling myself an engineering person.