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Google Opens Their Offices In Ann Arbor! Plus Google Vs Meetup!

May 17, 2007 | 1 Minute Read


I saw on Valleywag that Google finally opened up their new office in Ann Arbor. This is kinda cool, since I’m going to school in Ann Arbor in the Fall and it’ll be interesting having a Google office so nearby. Not that I’m going to stalk it or anything. I’ll be too busy with school and work! Not that I would stalk it anyway… Moving on…

This office is only an Adwords office, which means that it’ll probably just be a bunch of sales people and not a lot of engineers, if any. Too bad. I’m sure they need engineers to run Adwords too, but who knows if they’ll put them in that office.

I also read this funny comparison about why you should work at Meetup instead of at Google. The document (made on Google Docs!) mainly tries to convince readers that working at Meetup is much cooler since it’s a startup. It seems like they push the “you’re a cog in the machine at Google” a bit too hard, though. There’s also the “Google infantilizes you” thing goin’ on too. Perhaps that’s true, but I for one welcome our Google parenting overlords!

I’m sure that document is all in good fun, anyway. At the end of the day, people are reminded of how awesome Google’s toilets are, and Meetup gets some free publicity.