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Alexa T-Shirts: WHY!?

May 13, 2007 | 0 Minute Read


So I was checking out the Alexa ranking of MapsKrieg, and I saw this link that was selling personalized shirts based on the Alexa ranking of a site. Ummm, what!? The shirts display stats like your Alexa ranking and quotes like, “0.00005% say my site rocks!” (which doesn’t sound like something I’d boast about), and “Will dance for better Alexa rank.”

I find it scary that someone actually took the time to prepare the templates for these shirts (they’re printed by Zazzle). Has anyone in the history of the universe bought one of these? Perhaps an overzealous SEO fanatic? But really, is anyone so obsessed with their Alexa ranking that they’d buy a shirt (that would probably end up being inaccurate by the time the shirt was printed and delievered anyway)!?

If you know anyone who has bought one of these shirts, please inform me. And punch them in the face for me, too.