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Nintendo Wii – Super Paper Mario Mini Review

April 18, 2007 | 1 Minute Read


I just got Super Paper Mario for the Nintendo Wii yesterday. I played through the first chapter, so here’s my quick mini-review.

Super Paper Mario is different from the other Paper Mario games in a big way. The RPG elements have been pretty much removed. Now, instead of taking turns attacking and defending, Mario just attacks the enemies in real time. So it’s more like the original Super Mario, except with hit points and stats.

I’m not too happy with this, since I liked the RPGness of Paper Mario. I thought Paper Mario was just an extension of the old Super Mario RPG games. Now that they’ve got rid of the RPG, it’s just not as fun.

The graphics are pretty neat though. There’s this thing where you flip from 2D mode to 3D mode. It’s like going from a flat world to three dimensions. You can find hidden stuff and avoid the 2D enemies in 3D mode.

The humor is still intact, too. There’s a lot of references to the original Super Mario Bros. game. There’s even the super mushroom that turns you into a giant version of the pixellated Mario.

Super Paper Mario is still fun, but I have a feeling it would’ve been better if they had kept the gameplay from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door intact.