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Google Update: Invitation to Google College Days

February 19, 2007 | 2 Minute Read

So I got an email back from Google the Monday after my interview, but I hadn’t posted anything about it. They invited me to their Google College Days, which I’ve actually never heard of before. It seems pretty cool. Here’s part of the email they sent:

Congratulations, your on-campus interviews went well and we would like to invite you to Google’s Headquarters in Mountain View, CA for a College Day!

Google College Days are fun! We’ll fly you out before the interviews, provide lodging and transport you to Google on Friday morning for a full day visit and then fly you back home. You’ll be on site from 8:45 AM - 3:15 PM on Friday. Below is the agenda for our College Days.

8:45 AM Depart to Google (we’ll pick you up from your hotel)

9:15 AM Arrive Google and Check-In

9:30 AM Kick Off (executive sponsor to speak and kick off the day, coffee and pastries)

10:15 AM Interviews (3, 45 minute technical interviews). Please note: You will be asked questions to test your coding, algorithm and design skills. You might want to refer to to learn more about our products in beta.

12:05 PM Tour of the Googleplex

12:50 Lunch at the Google Cafe with engineers

1:45 PM Organized Free Time (have a chair massage, chat with other students)

2:15 PM Q&A/Closing (Engineers and Recruiters show up to answer questions about life at Google and the hiring process, etc.)

2:45 PM Ice Cream Social (Build a sundae and chat with other students, Google Engineers and Recruiters)

3:15 PM Depart to hotel (we’ll transport you back to your hotel)

This is way too cool. I think it’s the dream of every nerd to visit the Googleplex, and to be flown out there (for free) for a tour, food, and interviews is just plain awesome. The fact that they’re interviewing me for a position is like icing on the cake for a nerd like myself. I wonder if I’ll be allowed to take pictures… It’d make an awesome blog post.

I’ll be attending their March 23rd one, since it’s the date with the least conflict for me. Hopefully everything will go well and I’ll be able to visit the Googleplex on a more regular basis. Like every weekday or so…