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Nintendo DS – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Impressions

December 28, 2006 | 1 Minute Read

Phoenix Wright.jpg

I recently went on a video game buying splurge, since I finished school and I figured I’d have more time to devote to video games. One of the games I bought was “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.” It was released in limited quantities a while back, gained a cult following, and was subsequently re-released.

Phoenix Wright is a lawyer game. Yeah, that’s right, you play as a defense lawyer. Your job is to prove that your client is innocent, even when the evidence is strongly against him. While this might not sound like the coolest idea for a game, it actually works pretty well. You listen to witnesses give their testimony and try to find inconsistencies. If they lie, you press them until they admit to it, or present evidence that proves that they’re lying. It’s pretty fun.

Right now I’m on the third case, where I need to prove that an action star is innocent of murder. The characters are all fairly amusing, and the story isn’t bad either. Apparently, the Phoenix Wright 2 preorder is underway. You can get a finger stylus to point at liars if you preorder.