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MyPostItSecret – Really Lame Marketing

September 19, 2006 | 0 Minute Read


So while browsing myspace (yeah, I know…), I found some kind of link to a viral marketing site. In it, you take a look into the room of a college bound girl who tells all of her darkest secrets. Unfortunately, they all have to do with Post-It products.

Yes, post-it is trying to get teenagers to use their products. They’re using a model who sounds waaayyy too into post it notes:

“I have a rating system for friends. I put my friends’ phone numbers up on the wall with post-it specialty notes. The arrows point up or down depending on who’s on my list of favorites.”

Wait. This girl has friends!!??

This is probably the worst ad campaign I have ever witnessed. Does Post-it think they’re fooling anyone? Maybe their plan is to get publicity by having snarky bloggers write about how bad this is…