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Yet More Cool Stuff From Japan!

May 12, 2006 | 2 Minute Read

So my brother recently came back from a trip to Japan, and he brought back some stuff for me! Here’s an inventory of the random junk I got:

Dr. Clinic Gum


So the only reason he bought this gum was the weird name. I guess it’ll fix my breath or something. It has a picture of a tooth under an umbrella…

Random Buddhist Charms


My brother told me these were to hang in my car so I don’t get into so many car wrecks. I actually have a Mr. T air freshener protecting my car right now, so I pity the fool who tries to smash into it!

Ichigo Candy

ichigo something.jpg

So this candy says “ichigo” on it, which means strawberry. It also says “ramune” like the drink. I haven’t opened it yet, but it looks sorta pez-like in nature.

Melonpanna Stamp


This Melonpanna thing is a character from some anime. The base comes off and has a hidden stamp! Melonpanna spins frantically when you use the stamp. Pretty cool, but I wish it had a melon pan scent to it too…

Also pictured is the capsule that the toys came in, and the Final Fantasy Advent Children insert thingy.

Naruto Phone Thing


Sweet! It’s a Naruto phone thingy. You strap it onto your phone like a Japanese schoolgirl. It appears as though Naruto is either jumping, or on the ground in pain. I vote for the latter. He seems to do that a lot.

Random Bubblegum

random bubblegum.jpg

This bubblegum comes in three flavors: Cola, Grapefruit, and (tsubu tsubu?) Ichigo. It looks pretty good, so I’ll be consuming this shortly.

Roz from Final Fantasy Advent Children


Believe it or not, I haven’t actually seen the movie yet, so I have no idea who this is. Cloud or Tifa would’ve been so awesome, but this is cool too. Is this guy a Turk or something? I hardly remember the plot for Final Fantasy VII…

Super Mario Flashplate


Apparently, this is a pretty rare item. It’s a diorama with an lcd on it, and it flashes using solar power. It’s the thing in Super Mario Brothers where you can get the koopa troopa on a step, and get infinite 1-ups by jumping on it while it bounce back at you. I used to be able to do this as a kid, but I don’t really have the patience anymore…

Well, that’s all. Thanks to my brother for getting all this cool stuff. He really saved me a trip to You can see his blog here.