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Calamine – Dreamy Pop

March 24, 2006 | 0 Minute Read


Whilst at Digg, I found an article about how London and New York will be underwater by the year 2100. This reminded me of that show on Adult Swim, Sealab 2021. Then I started thinking about the words to the theme song, but I could only remember “at the bottom of the sea…” So then I looked up “Sealab 2021 theme” on google, and found the official Calamine website! They’re the band that did the theme, and they offer a free MP3 of it for download! Pretty cool how stream of consciousness web browsing works, huh?

They’ve also got some other clips of their songs too. The singer has this cool sultry voice, and the music is in a new genre that they define as “Dreamy Pop.” I especially like the song “Trampoline,” though I wish the clip was longer. They seem like a fairly indie band, so maybe I’ll buy their CD.