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YAFFPP: Final Fantasy XII Potion Available at!

March 10, 2006 | 0 Minute Read


Yeah, it’s yet another Final Fantasy XII Potion Post. This should be almost the last one, I promise! Anyway, News on the street is that everyone’s favorite online wacky Japanese item store, has Final Fantasy XII Potions in stock! Now, the price for the limited edition version is kinda high at $24.50, but the normal version is “only” $4.50. Yes, I know that’s still freaking expensive for a 120mL drink, but it’s Final Fantasy!!!

I think I may buy a few, depending on whether or not anyone wants to split shipping with my (my cousin will probably want a couple). Shipping is $4.80 for one bottle, and it gets better (per bottle) if you buy in bulk. Final Fantasy XII Potion, getto!