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Where the Nerdy Girls Are

March 07, 2006 | 0 Minute Read

If you’re a nerd (like me) and you’re looking for a nerdy girl (like me (me not being a nerdy girl, but one who is looking for a nerdy girl, just thought I’d clarify)), Wired has a little article on “The Anatomy of a Nerd.” Unforunately for those of us stateside, it’s about Onna Otaku (Girl Nerds) in Japan.

Apparently, you can find them on “Otome Road in trendy Ikebukuro.” I’ll have to remember that.

Now, the model they use for a typical Onna Otaku is pretty hawt. In fact, I’d say they just used a regular model and dressed her up all geek chic:

onna otaku.jpg

Y’know, it’s probably like those cool geeks you see in Taco Bell commercials. There aren’t geeks that are as trendy as that! Certainly not ones that eat at Taco Bell! I mean, as far as geeks go, I’m as cool as they get…