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Super Princess Peach Comes Out Tomorrow!

February 26, 2006 | 1 Minute Read

Super Princess Peach

No, not out of the closet, out for Nintendo DS! Now, I’m no girl, but I kinda really want to play this. It’s too bad Peach isn’t as hot in this game as she was in Mario Strikers (um, did I just say Peach was hot?!). Princess Peach has an umbrella to whack enemies with, and she cries a lot. Must be that time of the month… I wonder if she can levitate like she could in Mario 2. That would be pretty cool!

Peach has to save Mario and Luigi, or something like that. I think this game is actually catered towards girls, because check out the official webpage. It’s all… girly. There should be some kind of special feature in the game where if I sense someone approaching, it’ll turn into a super violent macho game or something!

This could be just the thing to keep me occupied until the new Super Mario Bros. comes out for the Nintendo DS. Then again, there’s also homework to keep me occupied. Speaking of which…