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Best Buy Wall Numbers: Decoded!

February 05, 2006 | 0 Minute Read


Over at Best Buy, there’s usually some random numbers that are displayed on the wall without any kind of explanation. Someone actually went to the trouble of interrogating the workers at Best Buy until they exposed the secrets of the numbers!

The answers are over at Cabel’s Blog LOL:

Seeking meaning, I started occasionally asking “so, uh, what are those numbers, anyway?” when I checked out. Usually, I got the shrug-and-sigh double-punch. But sometimes, I got an interesting answer. And, eventually, it came together, helped tremendously by a conveniently annotated store — as well as some serious Googling.

I always thought they were something like the McDonalds signs that said “Over 1000 billion served” that just counted the number of customers. Apparently they’re more evil than that. And by evil, I mean crazy replacement plan evil!