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Hung Speaking at SwiftFest
Hung Speaking at SwiftFest 2018

Hung has spoken about things like iOS Development and bootstrapping startups. If you want him to speak at your event, just email him (you can find the email link in the footer)! Here are some of the talks he's given in the past:

Designing and Building With Accessibility in Mind

Presented at SwiftFest 2018.

An updated version of my accessibility talk, given at SwiftFest 2018.

If at first you don’t succeed at beating HQ Trivia, try cheating!

Presented at !!Con 2018. Video

HQ Trivia is a game about what you know, what you can guess, and ultimately, luck. Twelve multiple-choice questions of increasing difficulty make it very unlikely that anyone will win by chance alone. And the questions get really obscure and hard towards the end! So what’s a player to do? Cheat!

I’ll get down to the nitty-gritty about how I wrote an iOS app (and later a MacOS app) that takes advantage of Apple’s Vision framework, open source OCR software, and plain ol’ Google to help me decide on my answers while playing HQ Trivia. I’ll also talk about why I haven’t won a single time (though I’ve gotten close), and why some problems are just really hard for software to solve.

Designing and Building With Accessibility in Mind

Presented at iOSCon 2018. Video

Accessibility is an often ignored part of iOS development, partly because much of it is “baked in” to the OS and “just works” most of the time. However, building custom UI elements and transitions can lead to a breakdown of accessibility expectations. In this talk, Hung will share with you some common pitfalls and solutions to keep in mind when designing and building accessible experiences. You will also learn about advanced accessibility features such as custom rotors and actions that will make your app easier and faster to use for visually impaired users. Finally, you'll explore Xcode's improved Accessibility Inspector and go over techniques to run an accessibility audit on your own app!

At the end of this session you should have a better understanding of Voiceover, the tool that blind and sight-impaired users rely on every day to use your apps. You'll be able to run a quick accessibility audit on your app to find places in your app that could use improvement. You should be able to come back to work and speak to why it's important to invest in accessibility and have concrete steps on how to make your app easier to use.

Sending Rich and Interactive Messages With iMessage App Extensions

Presented at CodeMobile UK 2017. Video

Messaging apps are huge and getting huger. With WhatsApp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger users in the millions or billions, it’s clear that messaging is not a fad. So how can a developer take advantage of this growth? Starting a new messaging app is probably out of the question. Thankfully, Apple has introduced iMessage app extensions in iOS 10. Learn how to use iMessage to let your users send rich, interactive messages, and learn how to take advantage of the network effects that iMessage app extensions allow.