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Fly Me To The Mars

April 20, 2010 | 1 Minute Read

I had a dream last night that me and my Mom won a trip to Mars. I think we won a contest that allowed us to take a tourist flight to Mars, kind of like how people are paying big bucks to fly into orbit right now. When we got onto the shuttle (which seemed kind of small and had a random tour guide driving, like it was a bus), I realized that it’d probably take a while to get there. Like, more than 24 hours. I think that was a low estimate…

At this point I really wish I had done more preparation for the trip, like maybe getting some audiobooks loaded up or at least bringing a book to read. I kinda just showed up (my Mom might’ve caused us to be late; this happens in real life). During our trip I kept feeling kind of dreadful. Like, what if we don’t come back (it was the first ever tourist trip to Mars)? And what if our pilot bus driver guy gets killed?

Our bus driver/guide said that once we get to Mars, it’ll be really small, so we all have to keep our eyes peeled for it. I thought this was a load of crap, because it’s actually a pretty big planet! I think this also meant that we wouldn’t actually go onto Mars; we’d just fly over and look at it, and then go home.

I guess we didn’t go directly to Mars; we stopped at a space station or something first. In the space station we had to form a huge line, for some reason. I remember reading some really specific headlines when glancing at a newspaper. One was about how the space library was charging really huge fees for interlibrary loan. Makes sense if your library is in space, I guess.