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Recipe: Potato Broccoli Tofu Stir Fry! (PoBroccoFu Delight)

June 22, 2009 | 3 Minute Read

I cook sometimes. It’s pretty fun and my food actually turns out pretty delicious sometimes. Today I made a new dish which I will call “PoBroccoFu Delight.” It’s the second time I used potatoes in a stir fry environment and the first time I successfully did so.

I figured I’d write down the recipe so I can remember what the heck I did.


  • 1 medium-sized potato
  • 1 pack of broccoli (there were three stalks in it)
  • 1 tofu carton, firm
  • some random onions
  • a little bit of garlic salt
  • some chopped garlic (from a thing of garlic lover’s hummus that was too garlicky)
  • some “flavoring” that my mom gave me
  • some “vegetarian stir-fry” sauce

The first thing I did was cut the tofu into ~1cm thick slices and fry it. While this was happening I also washed the potato and then chopped it into bite-sized pieces. It’s good to parallelize your cooking because it makes the process go much faster. Just don’t forget to start the rice cooking like I did or else you’ll have to wait on it to finish before eating. I didn’t peel the potato because the skin tastes kinda good and it has a nice texture. The reason I wanted to use potato is because I had it previously at No Thai! (which is unfortunately not vegetarian) and I like the potato in stir fry motif.

After the tofu was done frying, I set it aside and threw some more oil and the chopped potatoes in. The oil kinda flew around a lot, which I do not like. It got the kitchen floor all oily and slippery. Anyway, I left the potatoes in there to fry a bit and turned them occasionally. Then I got to work cutting the broccoli into just the head parts (florets?). The potatoes need more time to get cooked, so it’s a good idea to cook them first. I didn’t realize this the last time I used potatoes and got fairly uncooked potatoes in my stir fry. Gross. The time it took to cut the broccoli was just about enough to let the potatoes cook. I also chopped some of the tofu (about half of it; I kept the other slices for maybe fried rice later or a quesadilla) as well.

I put some garlic salt on the potatoes and then remembered that I had a bunch of garlic from a package of Garlic Lover’s Hummus that I spooned out of the hummus. Too much garlic is gross. I had it set aside and I figured I’d just throw it in (garlic is good). Then I threw the broccoli and tofu in. I also added some of the random flavoring seasoning stuff my mom gave me a while back (I always joke that it’s MSG, but I think it’s really some kind of mushroom-based flavoring). I also used the rest of the “Vegetarian Stir Fry Sauce” that I got from the Asian grocery. I just realized this post is really unscientific. Oh well; it still turned out well.

I added some onions (because really, why not?) and then added some sesame oil in addition to the other olive oil that I always use for cooking. I stirred the contents around for a while (hence, stir fry). I was a bit worried it would be too “dry” but it turned out fine. I would’ve probably added some water or more of that stir fry sauce but I ran out. I figured it’d be okay.

The broccoli has a really nice natural flavor when it’s cooked, and the potatoes add a nice texture when they’re fried. They also absorb a lot of flavor. The tofu also absorbs lots of flavor and works as the protein of the dish. I think that’s about it. Despite the fact that I didn’t put a whole lot of effort or thought into the meal, it tasted really good! Hopefully I can make it again and reproduce the results: