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Stupid Facebook Fan Pages Considered Harmful

April 26, 2009 | 1 Minute Read


Yes, I’m breaking out the “considered harmful” cliche.

I think Facebook is jumping a proverbial shark. In addition to the “viral” quizzes that are really annoying (and occasionally interesting), the increase in random fan pages is really making the site hard to tolerate. Facebook wants to make fan pages like people. That’s fine, if you’re only allowing people to have fan pages. The fan pages seem to have been designed for entities who want to have a presence on the site. Like companies or celebrities, etc.

Lately there have been fan pages for random shit like hugs, rain, flip flops, music, etc. Who is supposed to be the owner of the rain fan page? Who decides what rain says? I think groups were a fine way of indicating that you supported something. But fan pages are supposed to be pseudo-official (at least when celebrities make them, they are required to show proof of identity). This mixture of official and random-shit fan pages just makes Facebook seem unprofessional.

I am all for developing tools and letting people use them for what they may. But maybe there should be some rules about superfluous junk like fan pages for “wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tubeman.”

OR! Maybe I’m just getting old. *sigh*