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Goin’ To Chicago (Interview with Orbitz)

November 05, 2008 | 0 Minute Read

I’m going to Chicago this Thursay and Friday for an interview with With the help of some friends (and Google Maps) I compiled a map of stuff I should see while I’m there. The timing might be kinda tight since I also have to interview (the main reason I’m there) but hopefully I can do things like:

  • See the mirror blob thing
  • Eat some pizza (Giordano’s seems to be the most popular choice)
  • Go up to the top (or almost the top) of the John Hancock building
  • Eat some popcorn
  • Go to the Apple Store (low priority but I need to do some name dropping or something)

This is my first time in Chicago (well, I drove through once to get to Michigan but didn’t stop) so it should be interesting. I wonder if Obama is still hanging around. Maybe I can do the fist bump with him if I run into him…