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John Hodgman Book Signing at Ann Arbor Borders: #1165

October 27, 2008 | 1 Minute Read

John Hodgman is a pretty funny dude. I’ve previously listened to his book on audio and also borrowed it from the library to read the charts (much funnier in chart form). So when I heard he’d be making an appearance in Ann Arbor at Borders #1, I was really stoked.

I got there on time at around 7:00pm, but apparently John wanted to teach us a lesson in punctuality? Actually, someone should teach John a lesson in “Michigan Time,” being 10 minutes late for everything. As I got there, he was saying some random funny stuff about the guy who directed Hancock having two (!) copies of Frank Herbert’s Dune in his bag in an airplane. Wow. Then some Q&A about voting machines and mole men. And he read some words. Out of the very book I was to purchase!

A line formed for signing, and I kinda got there at the end because I thought I needed to grab a book for him to actually sign. I must’ve waited maybe an hour or two? Probably closer to two. When my moment came, I made sure to point out to John that I had corrected his spelling of Albuquerque, only to have him burn me by spelling it even more incorrectly. Then he wrote “Sorry about New Mexicoe” in my book. What a bastard! Just kidding. Apparently John counts the number of books he’s signed. He yelled the number of the next person in line to prompt them to approach. I’m #1165.

I should also add that Hodgman was really nice. Very polite and receptive, even to crazed fans. I guess minor celebrity hasn’t gotten to his head yet. Except for the random ALL CAPS words he throws into his writing. THAT IS ALL.

Oh, and about the picture, I dunno what happened. Maybe Hodgman is shrinking or I am entirely tall, or maybe he was just leaning over a bunch? It’s totally going to be my Christmas card!