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New Glasses Time!

August 13, 2008 | 1 Minute Read

I’ve been pretty lazy in doing appointment stuff. I just recently did my (somewhat) annual physical and optical checkups. With the optical one comes new glasses! In the past I’ve had normal square frames, semi-rimless frames and then totally rimless.

I don’t like the semi-rimless because it makes me look old, and the totally rimless one makes me look evil because the transitions effect in them never goes away (they’re always kinda tinted). I wanted some thicker frames this time around but the plastic ones I tried on didn’t feel too great. So I ended up getting a pair of metal full frame glasses that are sorta dark green and have this weird temple design.

The lady at the eye place was really cool and helped me try on a bunch of frames. Many of them looked kind of girly or totally bad for my face. The lady definitely knew what was up with what worked and what didn’t. Unfortunately, the frames that I really liked cost a lot and weren’t included in my vision plan. I dunno if this was her ulterior motive or if she was just picking from all the stuff equally. She probably has some kind of incentive to pick more expensive frames; but she did suggest only the ones that I agreed looked good.

Anyway, it went between two good frames but the green ones won in the end. If I can’t get a green DS or a green Wii, at least I can get green glasses. They should be ready in a few weeks. I’ll just pick them up right when school starts since I’ll be out of town for a while in the next few weeks.

As a bonus, here are some funky frames I found that didn’t make the cut (but I didn’t bother taking pictures of the actual frames I ordered, whoops!):