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Jackie Chan iGoogle Theme

May 05, 2008 | 1 Minute Read

I use iGoogle a lot. One of the more recent things that has come along with iGoogle is the introduction of artist themes. I guess they’re there to break up the monotony of a boring home page.

I was going through the gallery when one such theme caught my eye: Jackie Chan! The theme is a cartoony (but not like the Jackie Chan cartoon… and on a side note, isn’t it kind of ridiculous that they needed to hire a voice actor for the cartoon to play Jackie with a fake Chinese American accent!?) fictionalization of Jackie Chan apparently filming a movie where he fights ninjas. That’s fine, but who the heck drew this? If you told me Jackie drew it, I’d believe you. And it’s also the only way I’d forgive the slanty-eyed caricature of Jackie. May is Asian Heritage Month, people!

Anyway, I’m using it as my iGoogle theme, because it’s funny and I like Jackie Chan. Even if he does look a bit like a racist stereotype. Oh well!