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Blogging Considered Harmful

April 06, 2008 | 1 Minute Read

Via Venture Beat (who knew?), the New York Times thinks that blogging could be hazardous to your health:

Two weeks ago in North Lauderdale, Fla., funeral services were held for Russell Shaw, a prolific blogger on technology subjects who died at 60 of a heart attack. In December, another tech blogger, Marc Orchant, died at 50 of a massive coronary. A third, Om Malik, 41, survived a heart attack in December.

Other bloggers complain of weight loss or gain, sleep disorders, exhaustion and other maladies born of the nonstop strain of producing for a news and information cycle that is as always-on as the Internet.

I heard about Om Malik, but I didn’t know two other blogger dudes died of heart attacks. I guess I can imagine how this happens though. When I was starting my Anime Blog I wanted it to be successful, so I did spend quite a bit of time thinking about how to get to that point. After a while though, I just figured that blogging should be for fun, not dollars (even though my blogs actually do make some $$$).

The article mentioned bloggers either gaining or losing weight due to blogging. I wonder if there’s a blogging diet! If anything, I think blogging has had an opposite effect on me…

Of course, obsession to anything can be dangerous. Guys in Korea die of playing WoW all the time! Workaholics die from “Karoshi,” yes, Japan actually has a word from death by overwork!

Me? I try not to stress out too much. In fact, I am writing this blog just so I can procrastinate doing homework for one of three things that are due in the next three days!

Also, Om Malik sounds like the name of some Sith Lord, doesn’t it?