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There IS Free Lunch!

February 05, 2008 | 1 Minute Read

So one of the things that has surprised me about grad school in comparison to my undergrad is the large amounts of free food being offered every day. I think it has to do with the fact that UNM was a pretty small school and Michigan is a behemoth of schools. I’m always getting emails just from my own school within the U (School of Information) about events with pizza and pop (soda!) included.

There’s almost always free food for me to eat on Thursdays. Fridays are good too. I actually end up spending quite a bit of time planning where my next free meal will come from. For example, there’s a Teach For America thing going on tomorrow at the Union that will have food from Zingerman’s. Thursday there’s a company info session and Friday there’s a panel/session, both of which will offer free food. That’s already like, $20 in food savings for me (if I had eaten out at some place near campus, which would be the most likely scenario)!

At one point I pondered whether I could run an experment: to eat only free food for the entire semester! I decided that I would probably end up starving or getting really weak while begging for food.

I found a site called “Hungry Hungry Coeds” that lists free food events at some select campuses. Luckily it seems that the creators of the site went to Michigan, or at least the main contributor goes here. I’ll be checking it routinely to see if I can maximize my free food intake. Maybe I should also keep a log of all the free food I eat per week. Could end up being another blog…